Define your process and increase your sales...


There are several variables that make up the equation of a task. 

How long will said task take? 

In what order is the task completed? 

What is the final result? 

Often times when a customer is searching for the right boutique to order from online, for the right interior designer to hire for their home remodel, or for the right restaurant to dine at for a special occasion, they're not only doing their research to learn the general details of the business, but also what to expect throughout their entire experience. 

To better illustrate this lesson, let's use this hypothetical example: 

Golden Gloria Bakery just launched its online bake shop selling "homemade treats that are good as gold." When the customer lands on the Golden Gloria website, they see that all of the baked goods are homemade, are health-based, and that the bakery offers vegan options. Aside from the obvious solution of having menus available to view on the site, how does the customer know exactly what he/she is getting? They may be left with questions such as: 

  1. Where are these baked goods made?
  2. Who makes them?
  3. What are the ingredients? (everyone's definition of health-based is entirely different)
  4. How are my baked goods kept fresh while being shipped? 

Unfortunately, the Golden Gloria website doesn't answer any of these questions :(

Sure, the customer could contact the bakery to ask, but that's a whole lot of work! Golden Gloria Bakery is just one amongst MANY retail outlets that the customer will be stumbling upon that day, week, or month. 

This is where the beauty of defining your process shines bright!! 

Here's a couple of ways that you can better define your process so that customers are clicking "buy" rather than the 'X' icon at the top of their browser: 



There's never not an occasion for a good ole FAQ page. In one consolidated space you'll be able to provide answers to anticipated questions that your customers might have. This will:

  • save you time from having to respond to an extra email on top of that already overflowing inbox
  • save your customer time from having to type out the email and wait for a response
  • increase the odds that the customer will make a purchase because he/she already has the information that they went searching for


This one is especially great for business owners whose stream of revenue comes primarily from service-based products. Photographers, graphic designers, copywriters, etc. – I'm talking to you!  

Aside from just displaying your packages and work timelines, it's also important to tell your target audience who your ideal customer or client is. That's all part of the process. The project can't begin without the customer, right? 

When potential customers read this information on your site, their ideals will either align with yours, or they'll realize that it's probably not a great fit and they'll take their business somewhere else. It's a bummer to lose a potential customer, but it's an even bigger bummer to do work for a customer that doesn't appreciate your value or process. 

Don't leave any room for gray area. Precisely define exactly what type of work you want to do and that's the type of work you'll attract! 


ask your brand designer to illustrate your process using icons 

Icons are a super fun, super efficient way to demonstrate your process to your customer. Adding visual elements to anything makes it more appealing and easier to understand. Trust me, the less work your customer has to do, the more they'll love you and your brand! 

We designed these sweet, dainty icons for Lumière Apothecary to show display that each candle is handmade and is 100% free of animal products or bad-for-you, toxic chemicals. 


I hope these ideas have helped you start brainstorming on how to best define your brand's process. Making the time or investment to do this also demonstrates value to your target customer which in return, leads to more new customers and more loyal customers! 

Don't wait to do this. For each day you sit on the idea of defining your process, you have more and more potential buyers slipping though the cracks. And remember, if you or someone you know ever needs help with the branding process, talk with us – together, we'll come up with a design solution that sticks! 

Know any more tips and ideas to demonstrate process and value to customers? Let me know in the comments below! 

Have a delightful week!