Why your brand needs a cohesive look and feel...


Think of clothing stores or online retailers that you're loyal to. Why do you shop with them? Is it...

the quality of the products? 

the level of customer service they provide? 

the experience you get when you shop in/on their store? 

Maybe, it's a mix of all three. But what made you decide to shop with them in the first place? Chances are, the brand maintains the perfect level of je ne sais quoi... that thing that you just can't quite put your finger on.

I'll tell you what it is. It's the brand's cohesive look that resonates with you. It builds trust with you, and before you know it, you become a loyal customer that buys from them forevermore! 

So. you're probably thinking, "OH MY GOODNESS. I want that with my brand!" 

Well, some may call it brainwashing, but we call it branding. ;)

A large portion of branding is creating a cohesive look for your brand – one that draws attention from your target customer – one that makes your products, services, or blog posts waaaay too pretty to just scroll past. 

If you want to start creating the perfect aesthetic that will have your customers feeling like they're part of your brand's core, take our advice! Here's some tips on how to create a cohesive look: 


give your social media profiles some tender love and care

Create content that incorporates your visual brand identity's color palette. If your brand colors are light blue, navy, and emerald green, you'll want to curate your feeds to reflect that. Great ways to do this are to:

  • keep your color palette in mind when taking product/blog/content photos (i.e. look for or create photo backgrounds that include or compliment your brand's color scheme)
  • borrow content from Pinterest, Tumblr, and other accounts (make sure to tag and credit them!)
  • design graphics in Illustrator/Photoshop with fun quotes using your brand's exact colors 

Do this for a few weeks and your Instagram feed will start to look like a total dime-piece in no time! 


be consistent with your font choices 

One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners make is using too wide array of fonts. Your fonts should contrast or pair with your brand's visual identity and they should parallel with the overall aesthetic of your brand. 

Why be consistent with font choices? Because fonts should be treated with the same level of importance as photos. Simply put, you want your customers to see your products or blog posts and associate the fonts with your brand even when they can't see your logo. Remember, it's all about building trust!  

So whether you're getting new packaging design, writing a new blog post, or printing new business cards, choose your fonts wisely and stick to them! 



The purpose of a visual brand identity isn't to have a pretty mark on your packaging or website. Sure, you want it to look beautiful, but it should be designed strategically and with the intention of attracting your target audience. Your logo should not be used because:

  • it's "what you like"
  • it was "inexpensive" and "will do the job for the time being" 

Here's are the things that your logo and visual brand identity should be:

  • something that you're proud to show off (*insert heart eye emojis*)
  • a first impression that attracts your target customer
  • an investment in the future of your brand

Before you decide to take the DIY design route, purchase a pre-made logo from Etsy, or promote your brand with no visual brand identity at all, think about these things. Do something half-way and you'll have to do it again. Make the effort to do something the right way and reap the benefits later on! 


Do you have a cohesive look for your brand? If so, leave some tips and ideas in the comments about how you do it! 

If you don't already have a cohesive look, your visual brand identity design is where you should start. Let us be your go-to design gurus. We'll hook you up with a custom logo, curated fonts, color palettes, and everything you need as the foundation of your budding or growing brand! 

And as always, thanks for reading.