You might have a few questions...

And we'd love to answer them!


what is brand identity design?

Brand identity design is everything digital and tangible that has to do with the appearance of your business. We're talking logos, color palettes, and all the pretty things. Motif House of Design takes a different approach to design by using strategy and intention to create design that speaks to your target market. HOW we design is just as important as WHAT we design. We create brands that can grow in a seamless and timeless way.


How long will my custom brand design or website take?

Beautiful design is a proccess! After all, you're investing in your brand so it will resonate with your ideal customer and truly flourish – don't you want it to shine its brightest? Since we love to include our clients in every step of the design proccess, we like to set a 5-6 week timeline for our brand identity package and a 7-8 week timeline for our branding and web design package.


is it possible to expedite my project timeline?

While we do occassionally complete projects before the end of the agreed upon timeline, it usually depends on the following:

  • Scope of the project (complexity, project size, and more)
  • Clients' ability to prompty correspond/provide feedback

what is brand collateral?

Brand collateral is digital or tangible assets that are used to market your brand. Some examples of brand collateral are business cards, menus, blog post templates, pricing guides, etc.


I don't need an entire brand identity design. Can i hire you to design just a logo?

Unfortunately, no. We believe in the big impact that having a cohesive, bespoke brand identity can have on a business. Brand identity is like making a recipe; the end result won't turn out the same way without all the necessary ingredients! We like to practice what we preach by working with clients who value our expertise and our tried and true process.


How will I know if my brand is ready for a custom identity design?

Here's some ways you can be sure that your brand is ready for its own custom look:

  • You know exactly who your ideal/target customer is
  • You are financially profitting from sales
  • You have the desire and plan to grow your brand
  • You view custom brand identity design as an investment in your brand's future
  • You're ready to turn over the DIY branding and trust a professional with a process

what if i can't pay for my branding/website package all at once?

We understand that branding and web design is an investment, and to make this essential investment work with your budget, we offer 2 payment plan options:

  1. 50% deposit upon booking to hold your spot in our project calendar, and then the other 50% upon completion of your project.

  2. 30% deposit upon booking to hold your spot in our project calendar, and then the remaining balance can be divided into 3 equal payments to be billed every week or every other week. (i.e. The deposit for a $1,000 package would be $300, and then 3 payments of $233.30 would be billed to you every week/every two weeks.)


Have some more questions that we didn't quite cover?