Finders, Keepers

Packaging design


Finders, Keepers is a vintage and heirloom gift shop that discovers, preserves, and retails antique jewelry and novelties so they're not lost to time.    

To fully embody the vintage yet classic concept of the store, we strategized a branding solution that would give customers the feel for old, worn items that have been restored and packaged to be new to them. 

finders keepers cover.jpg
Finders Keepers Bag.jpg
fk box for ss.jpg
FK primary logo for squarespace.jpg
finders keepers horizontal 1.jpg
FK secondary logo for squarespace.jpg

We equipped the brand with a primary logo as well as two secondary logo marks so that their branding can be versatile across social media platforms, on various packaging and collateral, and throughout their website. 

With delicate, vintage inspired keys being an element in the Finders, Keepers branding, we designed the 'FK' symbol with the purpose of having the legs of the 'F' represent blade cuts from a key.

Hand-drawn foliage inlays a soft, personable connection to the brand while adding a touch of mystery.   

FK color palette.jpg

When it came to choosing a color palette, we decided on two gorgeous hues that would create a nice contrast with one another. The deep purple shade came from the idea that much like vintage novelties, wine only gets better with time. The desert sand shade was the perfect, creamy pairing to the purple-wine hue.