We’re more than designers, we’re brand strategists. Using a highly collaborative, research-driven process, we partner with you to establish a voice and look for your brand that is authentic, compelling, and effective.
Here’s how we do it…



Research + Strategy

Once we kick off our project, we’ll start by working our way through an in-depth brand questionnaire that gets to the roots of who you are as a brand. We’ll discuss the whys, whats, hows, and the ins and outs in order to establish a clear vision for your business. Once we have a defined goal, we’ll begin to hone in on the aesthetics, bouncing ideas and images through a shared Pinterest board. Once we’ve talked a bit more about the direction we’re heading in, Motif will put together a visual mood board that you’ll be able to review and approve before we move onto the next phase.




Now that we have a clear goal and vision, we’ll begin doing a bit more research and exploration on our end. We’ll sketch several pages of design concepts until we land on a few ideas that are worth carrying out further. In this phase, we may send you sketch images or ask you more questions just to make sure that we’re on the right track. Remember, our process is collaborative and research-driven, and we want you to be a part of your project from start to finish. It’s important to us that we’re developing a brand identity that reflects the truest voice for your brand.




Here’s where we breathe life into one highly effective concept. The research and strategy is complete, and now you get to sit back and relax as we translate all of our ideas and designs into a beautiful, tangible brand identity.




Once we wrap up the development phase, we’ll send you an exclusive link so you’ll be able to view your new branding! In your brand presentation, you’ll find your new logo, brand marks, patterns/illustrations, and other designs. We’ll even put your branding into context by including visual mockups that display how you can use your branding on printed materials, merchandise, web pages, and more. In addition, we’ll explain the rationale behind each design so you can best understand our design decisions + how it works to focus in on your target market.